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" I wish I had something like this over a year ago.  I can't believe it... This book breaks it down! The financials are easy.  The marketing, management and operations templates make it so easy. This book should be used as the manual for small business classes".

Sharon Jenkins, Animator, Entrpreneur

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Think Big! Plan! Start- up! Grow!

Your Small Business Grows Quick and Easy... using the tools and templates inside.

My Business Plan Book is the number one guide used by small business training centers, economic development organizations, civic groups and trade associations.  Also used to universities and SBA sponsored organizations. My Business Plan Book takes the guesswork out of succeeding as an entrepreneur with strategies for business that works.  

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Written in a format that is highly recognized by bankers, investors, and lenders, My Business Plan Book features simple, easy-to-read-text that will teach you how to start and operate a business while guiding you through the process of writing your business plan.  Each section of the book features a business plan outline, samples, a glossary of useful business terms, case scenarios, business plan templates, and simple-to-use financial formulas.  Click on a copy of the book to download a sample. Waste no more time with trial and error. Time to focus on business plans that work.

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My Business Plan Book: New Venture Starter Kit 

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